Diagnostic imaging


Clinical activity

LThe Diagnostic Imaging Unit plays a central role as a diagnostic service for the clinical and surgical activity of the University Hospital and is involved, with interventional radiology, in complex and multidisciplinary diagnostic-therapeutic pathways.

Diagnostic examinations and interventional radiology procedures are provided during the course of hospitalisation, as daily clinical or surgical services, and as outpatient care, both under the Health national system (SSN) and private schemes including the MyHospital program.

The Unit carries out the full range of diagnostic examinations including conventional X-ray, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Interventional procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic, are performed with a minimally invasive approach through percutaneous and/or endovascular access.

The Unit offers diagnostic and therapeutic activities from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00, Saturday from 08.00 to 14.00, and grants 24/7 coverage.

Operations in the Unit are based on sub-specialty teams:

Teaching activity

The medical staff of the Diagnostic Imaging UOC has been involved since 2004 in the teaching activity of the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, coordinated by prof. Bruno Beomonte Zobel.

  • Degree course in Medicine and Surgery
  • Postgraduate school of radiodiagnostics
  • Residency Schools of the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
  • Degree Course in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy
  • Master of Magnetic Resonance Techniques in the clinical and research fields

Research fields

  • Multiparametric imaging and biomarkers in oncological diseases
  • Multiparametric imaging and biomarkers in degenerative diseases
  • Percutaneous biopsies guided by robotic systems
  • Clinical trials in Oncology and Haematology
  • Safety and management of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Safety and management of Contrast Media
  • Drug-induced changes in chronic non-communicable diseases
  • Correlated imaging of neuroplasticity in eating disorders