Special rate packages Tariffa Amica for pre-diagnostic procedure tests

Tests for colonoscopy e gastroscopy

Patients undergoing a colonoscopy or gastroscopy with sedation must provide recent (within the previous 90 days) blood test and electrocardiogram results.

UCBM Hospital offers patients special discounted packages through the Tariffa Amica program, with rates lower than the NHS ticket fee. Blood test and electrocardiogram results are available the same morning   and can be accessed online through the My-Hospital program. You will need your permanent My-Hospital Card and security code collected from the My-Hospital Office.

Tariffa Amica rates

Gastroscopy e colonoscopy with sedation
Electrocardiagram (ECG, required for patients over 45)
Complete blood work
Hemostatis (PT and PTT)
Blood sugar
Transaminasis (AST/GOT) and (ALT/GPT)
Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine and Serum Calcium
56,00 € with ECG
30,00 € without ECG