Breast surgery


Clinical activity

The Breast surgery Unit deals with the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, particularly of a tumoral nature. It carries out its clinical activity with a multidisciplinary approach and guarantees patients integrated diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.  It collaborates with the Units of Imaging Diagnostics, Anatomical Pathology, Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition.

The clinical-therapeutic course is divided into a first diagnostic level with instrumental examinations (mammography, echo-colour-doppler, ultrasound with contrast media, elastosonography, mammary magnetic resonance with dedicated coil) and a second interventional level, reserved for cases of suspected neoplasia mammary, in which cyto-histological investigations are performed in a day-hospital or day-surgery (core biopsy on ultrasound and stereotaxic guidance, biopsies under ultrasound-stereo-guided local anaesthesia, ultrasound-guided aspirate needle, etc.).

The surgical approach, aimed at an oncoplastic treatment, favours conservative techniques, with plastic reshaping of the breast, saving the skin and the nipple-areola complex. The sentinel lymph node method (the first or the first lymph nodes receiving lymph from the tumour area) is also performed in day-surgery mode.

The Unit has organisational measures aimed at the early diagnosis of breast neoplasms, thanks to periodic mammography screening programs and to the availability of an outpatient clinic with access in open, formula, which guarantees same day diagnosis and does not require an appointment (however, referral from the general practitioner is required under the SSN agreement).

The Breast surgery Unit makes use of specialist clinics for initial breast examinations, ultrasound and clinical-diagnostic examinations, post-operative surgical dressings and follow-up of patients who have undergone operations.

At the University Hospital, the Breast Unit has been active since 2016, one of the reference centres of the Lazio Region for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Research fields

  • New technologies for minimally invasive surgical treatment: firstly, negative sentinel lymph node and secondly, axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy in local recurrences of post-mastectomy breast cancer and after conservative surgical treatment
  • Treatment protocols with three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, by partial and accelerated irradiation for only one week
  • Early treatment against cardiotoxicity induced by anticancer drugs
  • Detection of cancer stem cells for the development of new pharmacological treatments