Hospital committees

Committee for the Good Use of Blood (CO-BUS, Comitato per il buon uso del sangue)

CO-BUS is responsible for the drafting of guidelines and operational protocols aimed at the proper use of blood, in terms of appropriateness and effectiveness, patient safety and resource savings. It provides information and training to health care professionals, promoting awareness of the current legislation on the use of blood, and on the informed consent required for blood transfusion and other procedures (self-transfusion, perioperative, etc.).

President: Lorenzo Sommella

Control Committee for Health Care Associated Infections (CCICA, Comitato per il controllo delle infezioni correlate all’assistenza)

CCICA develops strategies to prevent and control the risks of infection in hospitalized patients, health care staff and other persons in the hospital.

President: Lorenzo Sommella

Medical Device Evaluation Committee

This committee is responsible for updating the list of medical devices in the hospital, improving their traceability, defining actions for their appropriate and sustainable use, monitoring and supervising their use in the hospital.

President: Lorenzo Sommella

Pharmacy Committee

This committee prepares and updates the Hospital Treatment Handbook and monitors the correct application of policies, procedures and protocols concerning the handling and good use of the drug. It identifies the most important active ingredients in drug classes and assesses the risk / benefit ratio for inclusion in the Handbook.

President: Giorgio Minotti