Clinical activity

The Rehabilitation Unit helps the patient to recover the autonomy lost due to invalidating pathologies. The disabilities treated are attributable to pathologies of the osteo-articular system (arthrosis, osteoporosis, sequelae from hip and knee arthroplasty, osteosynthesis, capsuloplasty, ligament reconstruction), pathologies of the nervous system (stroke, Parkinson's disease, neuropathies, disorders of the balance) and the respiratory system.

Posture and movement courses are also being offered.

The Operative Unit has:

  • Post-Acute Intensive Rehabilitation Department (SSN hospitalisation code 56 and solvents)
  • Clinic for disorders of the osteo-articular apparatus and of the nervous system
  • Clinic for prescriptions for Orthoses, Aids and Prosthetics
  • Specialist clinics for Oncological, lymphedema, mesotherapy, and osteoporosis rehabilitation
  • Extracorporeal Shockwaves Therapy outpatient clinic for the treatment of muscular, tendinous and osteoarticular disorders with two piezoelectric shockwave generators, one with focused shockwaves (EMS Swiss Piezoclast®) and one with radial shockwaves with ultrasound guidance.
  • Clinic for the evaluation and treatment of the risk of falling and training for balance (Walker view)
  • Gait Analysis (BTS Smart System – BTS GWALK)
  • Evaluation of respiratory kinematics (OEP)
  • Surface electromyography

Treatments carried out on an outpatient basis

  • Post-surgical and post-traumatic rehabilitation (SSN – My-Hospital)
  • Neuromotor rehabilitation (SSN – My-Hospital)
  • Proprioceptive rehabilitation (SSN – My-Hospital)
  • Rehabilitation for balance disorders (My-Hospital)
  • Robotic neurorehabilitation (SSN)
  • Individual postural rehabilitation with the Souchard, Mezieres, Feldenkrais methods (My-Hospital)
  • Group Postural rehabilitation with Feldenkrais method (My-Hospital)
  • Respiratory rehabilitation (SSN)
  • Manual drainage and elastic-compressive bandaging (SSN)
  • Kinesiological taping (My-Hospital)
  • Massotherapy (My-Hospital)
  • Pompage (My-Hospital)
  • Analgesic / decontracting mesotherapy (My-Hospital)
  • Instrumental physical therapy:
      • Focal shockwaves with EMS Swiss Piezoclast® (My-Hospital)
      • Radial shockwaves with EMS Swiss Dolorclast® Master (My-Hospital)
      • Tecarterapia® (My-Hospital)
      • Analgesic laser therapy (My-Hospital)
      • Inter-X® (My-Hospital)
      • Ultrasound therapy (My-Hospital)
      • Electrostimulation (SSN)
      • TENS analgesic electrotherapy (My-Hospital)
      • Magnetotherapy (SSN)
      • Iontophoresis (My-Hospital)

Research fields

The Rehabilitation Unit, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Biomedical Robotics and Biomicrosystems and the Laboratory of Measurement and Biomedical Instrumentation of the Faculty of Engineering, carries out research programmes in the following areas:

  • Gait Analysis in patients with hemiparesis for orthotic evaluation and prescription
  • Robotic rehabilitation in patients with hemiparesis
  • Study of the kinematics of the rib cage with optoelectronic plethysmography in patients with pulmonary neoplasia, COPD and stroke
  • Study of prototype orthoses for the lower limb in hemiplegic patients
  • Control of upper limb prostheses with invasive neural interfaces (PPR AS 1/3)
  • Development of a platform for monitoring the rehabilitation process (MONREAB)
  • Realisation of a bio-cooperative robotic system for rehabilitation, in personalised virtual reality work scenarios, of people with musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs related to work (RehabRobo@Work)

Clinical and research collaboration

  • INAIL Prosthesis Centre, Vigorso di Budrio (Bologna)
  • San Raffaele-Pisana Foundation IRCCS, Rome
  • Santa Lucia Foundation – IRCCS, Rome
  • Agostino Gemelli University Hospital, Rome
  • Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital, Rome