UCBM Hospital Social Services

For our most vulnerable patients

UCBM Hospital Social Services (SSO) ensure correct and safe discharge for socially vulnerable patients.

Social Services act as a bridge between UCBM Hospital and local facilities: home care services, social services provided by the municipality or Local Health Authority (ASL), voluntary associations, public bodies and residential care facilities. It helps patients identify institutions and facilities that can facilitate their return home, and organizes social intervention plans with hospital personnel.

Social workers operate within this department, handling requests and where necessary passing them on to other offices.

Services can be requested by:

  • ward doctors or head nurses, by written request
  • patients or their relatives, by contacting the head of the ward or the social worker
  • local services or informal networks (e.g. voluntary associations) that are caring for the patient, reporting the case by phone or in writing. Complex cases should be communicated as soon as possible, so local services and support networks can be activated in time for discharge.


UCBM Hospital’s Social Services are coordinated by Silvia Cossa.