Clinical activity

The Gynaecology Unit deals with diseases of the female reproductive system from a diagnostic, clinical-therapeutic and surgical point of view. It specialises in medical-surgical treatment and follow-up programmes of gynaecologic neoplasias (cervix, tube, endometrium, ovaries) and the main benign diseases that can cause infertility (uterine fibromatosis, ovarian cysts, endometriosis).

It includes the following specialty outpatients clinics:

    • Gynaecology and Midwifery
    • Colposcopy (smear test and HPV-DNA test to prevent cervical tumours) and vaccines against papillomavirus (HPV)
    • Gynaecologic ultrasound
    • Urogynaecology and urodynamic testing
    • Menopause

For surgical procedures, the Unit prefers to use minimally invasive techniques, with a day-hospital regimen.

Hysteroscopy is used for the treatment of

  • Endometrial polyps
  • Excision of submucosal myomas
  • Ovarian cyst removal
  • Endometrial ablation and biopsy, resectoscopy, annessectomy
  • Lysis of intrauterine synechiae

We use laparoscopy for treatment of

  • Radical hysterectomy
  • Staging of ovarian cancer
  • Laparoscopy “second look”
  • Pelvic and low aortic lymphadenectomy
  • Adhesiolysis
  • Ovarian cyst removal
  • Annessectomia
  • Colposuspension

Treats with minimally invasive urogynaecological techniques:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urogenital prolapse
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Neurostimulation

The Unit also performs LEEP operations (removal of cervical dysplastic areas), conisation, pelvectomy, etc.

Research fields

  • Technological innovations in gynaecological surgery
  • Use of biomaterials in pelvic surgery
  • Medical treatment of gynaecological malignancies
  • Tumour markers
  • Three-dimensional ultrasound diagnostics

Clinical and research collaboration

  • National Research Council (CNR), Rome
  • Florida International University (USA)
  • National Institute of Health, Rome
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) (USA)
  • University of Navarre (Spain)
  • Tübingen University, Tübingen (Germany)
  • University of California, Irvine (USA)
  • University of Miami (USA)
  • University of Western Australia, Perth (Australia)
  • Yale University, New Haven (USA)