The facility

Comfort and technology for our patients

The hospital is situated within the vast green area of the Decima Malafede Natural Reserve, at the center of the university campus. Building materials and furnishings have been carefully chosen with a view to minimizing the impact on patients and visitors alike of being in a hospital and to provide high levels of comfort.

The 357-bed structure has 8 wards, a day hospital surgery department and a day hospital oncology department. It is equipped with a 17-bed intensive care unit, a Pathology Services Unit, a Blood Transfusion Center and Medical Laboratory. There are 13 operating rooms, an Endoscopy Area with 4 intervention rooms and a Diagnostic Area equipped with 3 MRIs, 3 CTs and 3 ultrasound rooms. The Oncology Radiotherapy Unit includes 4 linear accelerator (2 in Trigoria and 2 in via Emilio Longoni, in the Prenestino District) and an area dedicated to brachytherapy.

The architecture blends in harmoniously with the natural environment. Car parks, machinery enclosures and service entrances are covered by hanging gardens. All rooms have natural light sources, while a modern ventilation system ensures a comfortable temperature and the total absence of odours. Adjacent to the lobby there are a cafeteria and café. In the lobby are a newspaper-convenience shop and a bank with ATM.

Rapid access to floors by elevator and escalator, intuitive signs (in Italian and English) and carefully thought-out routes for different categories of visitors allow them to move around the building quickly and intuitively.

The hospital also has a trigeneration plant which provides the entire heating and air conditioning needs of the hospital and 62% of the university's electricity.