Affiliated health insurance providers

UCBM Hospital has agreements with most major health insurance companies offering full or integrative coverage, for both outpatient and hospitalization services.

Services accessed through insurance agreements are provided through preferential, private-insured patient channels, which include the possibility of choosing the treating physician. Many policies cover single room accommodation in the case of hospitalization.

How to book services using health care insurance

Patients using health insurance – whether provided by an affiliated or non -affiliated insurer – go through the private-insured patient channels, requesting services either online or by calling +39 06 22541 1240.

Terms of payment

Patients whose health insurance policy, through an agreement with UCBM Hospital, offers direct billing by the health care facility to the insurer, are not be billed for services (outpatient and/or hospitalization) covered by their policy. They are billed for services not covered by their policy and for deductibles as defined in their policy.

Patients using health insurance through a provider who does not have an agreement with UCBM Hospital will be billed the full cost of service, in application of the special rates established with the specific insurer.

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