Affiliated health insurance providers

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has direct and indirect agreements with major insurance companies and supplementary health funds for both outpatient and in-patient services.

Agreed conventions allow patients to access services on a private basis with a dedicated scheme, a preferential access channel and the possibility of choosing the practitioner. In the event of hospitalisation, the insured patient will be able to choose the referring doctor and the single room, according to the policy conditions.

>> For dental services, the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has an agreement with the supplementary health fund FASI (Fondo di Assistenza Sanitaria Integrativa).

How to book

Patients who have a direct or indirect health insurance agreement or a non-contractual insurance agreement must book privately administered medical services through an online request or: by calling +39 06 22541 1240; by contacting Campus Bio-Medico Porta Pinciana Outpatient Clinic at +39 06 22541 3600 / +39 06 225413602.

Methods of payment

Patients who have a health insurance policy that provides for direct reimbursement between the insurance company and the health facility will not be required to pay in advance for the cost of treatment (outpatient and/or in-patient) unless there are overdrafts and deductibles defined in the insurance policy.

Patients with an indirect health insurance policy must pay the full amount for the treatment administered when they are admitted to or discharged from hospital, at the rates agreed between the University Hospital and the insurance company.