Visitors Parking

Pricing and hours

UCBM Hospital’s main facility has an unattended parking garage with free handicap spaces, open all year from 6 am to 10 pm.

Outside these times, visitors can enter and exit the garage by contacting the security staff through the intercoms located on the pillars at the entrance and exit of the garage.

Parking prices

  • up to 30 minutes: free
  • between 30 minutes and one hour: € 2.00
  • each subsequent hour or fraction of an hour between 1 and 3 hours: € 1.50
  • each subsequent hour or fraction of an hour between 3 and 10 hours: € 1.00
  • one day stay, applied to stays over 10 hours: € 12.00

Payment is made at the time of exit, at the automatic payment machines located at both garage levels near the stairs and elevators.

One visitor per private patient per day is entitled to free parking.

Weekly and monthly passes

  • weekly pass: €40
  • monthly pass: €100

Weekly and monthly passes can be purchased at the guard booth.

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