Wards and health services

Inpatient wards at UCBM Hospital, with both double and single rooms, take in patients from the various clinical areas on the basis of the complexity and type of care they require (for example, medical, surgical, onco-haematological, cardiological and cardiac-surgical) and in consideration of hygienic and organizational criteria.

Each ward and service has a nursing coordinator, responsible for the services provided within the sector.

The nursing staff provides specialized and personalized care to hospitalized patients. Patients are assigned a primary nurse who oversees their care, throughout their entire hospital stay and is their direct interlocutor.

This care is integrated, as necessary for each individual patient, with services from other patient care providers and social services professionals.

Health technicians and physiotherapists further contribute to the high quality of patient care.

Clinical tutors, designated among the staff, collaborate with the university, providing practical training for students from the UCBM degree courses.