Palliative Care Centre “Insieme nella cura”

Home care and hospice

of the Campus Bio-Medico University Polyclinic Foundation

The palliative care centre “Insieme nella Cura” offers specialised and multi-disciplinary health care, social care, psychological care and spiritual care in both residential and home settings to ensure the best possible quality of life for the patient and their family.

Home care

This is a privileged mode of care which guarantees social and health services at the patient's home based on clinical, social and environmental criteria. It envisages specialised interventions which are functionally linked to residential care (hospice) on the basis of an Individual Assistance Plan (PAI), to improve the quality of life of the patient and their family, and to avoid admission to residential facilities as much as possible.

Residential service (hospice)

This is the service which, in continuity with home or other care facilities, provides specialist palliative care with the aim of recreating the comfort of the patient's home environment. It guarantees intensive assistance by taking in patients for whom home care is impractical.
It is also a temporary form of hospitalisation to provide relief to families who are hard-pressed by the burden of illness on their loved ones.

How to apply for home or residential care

For any information regarding requests for assistance, please call 06.225418610 or 06 22541 8614, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, or send an e-mail to

Admission requirements:

  • form for requesting assistance with palliative care as provided for by the Lazio Region
    (click on the “download application form” button above). The form must be filled in by the family doctor (GP), or specialist doctor, or hospital doctor and signed by the doctor, the patient or the family member acting on their behalf;
  • valid patient ID (to be attached to the application);
  • paper national health booklet or health card (to be attached to the application);
  • ENI (European Person not Registered with the National Health Service) or STP (Temporarily Present Foreigner) code (only for persons with citizenships other than Italian);
  • detailed clinical report (to be attached to the application).