Close to patients and their families

Spiritual assistance to Catholic patients is offered by the priests of the Prelature of Opus Dei who are available to patients and their families at all times, for sacraments and for personal talks. Priests frequently visit hospital wards and can also be contacted through the nursing staff.

Patients who are not Catholic can submit a request for assistance to the Customer Care Office which will provide a minister of their faith.

The chapel and the priests' offices are located on the ground floor of the hospital, near the lobby. The chapel at CESA – Health Care Center for the Elderly- is located on the second floor.

Mass schedule

  • Hospital Chapel
    Monday – Friday, 7.25 am and 1.15 pm
    Saturday,  8 am
    Sundays and holidays, 12 pm
  • Chapel at CESA – – Health Care Center for the Elderly
    Thursday and Friday, 4 pm
    Sundays and holidays, 10.30 am


Priests are available for anyone who wishes to confess, 15 minutes before each Mass. You can also reach out to them through the nursing staff in the wards and the reception staff at the Information Desk at the hospital lobby.

Priests at the Chaplaincy