Medical Oncology


Clinical activity

The Medical Oncology Unit deals with the diagnosis and therapy of all types of solid neoplasms in the various phases of the disease. It has a Hospital ward, an Oncology day-hospital, specialist and integrated clinics, a group dedicated to clinical research and a specialist and integrated clinics, a group dedicated to clinical research and a Translational Oncology Laboratory located at the Advanced Research Centre in Biomedicine and Bioengineering (PRABB) of University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.

The Unit is accredited as a Centre for the integration of Oncology and Palliative Care by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), as a reference centre of Osteoncology by the Italian Society of Osteoncology (ISO) and is part of the Rete Nazionale Tumori Rari.

It deals in particular with

  • Determination and execution of diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for all types of solid tumours with particular reference to mammary, pulmonary, colorectal and prostate cancer, to hepato-carcinomas and to sarcomas
  • Management of complications related to tumour pathology or the therapies provided
  • Clinical research and management of patients enrolled in Phase II and III studies for the provision of experimental therapies and the necessary clinical monitoring

It is equipped with

  • an oncology ward with 20 beds for the management of patients in complex clinical conditions for which medical-nursing assistance is required 24 hours a day. In the ward there are also hospitalisations for high-risk diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and long-term chemotherapy treatments that require 3 to 5 continuous days of therapy
  • an oncology day hospital with 2 rooms for infusion therapies
  • integrated specialist clinics of
    Hepatoncology: for the diagnosis and treatment of primary liver tumours, managed by dr. Marianna Silletta in collaboration with the Units of Clinical medicine and hepatology and Imaging Diagnostics
    Sarcomas: for the diagnosis and treatment of sarcomas of the soft tissue, bone and GIST managed by prof. Bruno Vincenzi in collaboration with the Unit of Short term surgery
    Osteoncology: for the diagnosis and treatment of bone metastases from solid tumours managed by the Osteoncology Center
    Oncological Senology: for the diagnosis and treatment of mammary tumours managed by prof. Francesco Pantano and dr. Annalisa La Cesa in collaboration with the Unit of Breast surgery

Research fields

Clinical research

The Clinical Research group is in charge of conducting clinical studies on various solid neoplasms with particular attention to breast, prostate, renal, colon and lung cancer and to sarcomas. The unit specialises in managing phase II exploratory clinical trials and phase III randomised trials. About 30 trials are currently active at the unit.

Translational research

The Laboratory of Oncology Translational Oncology is a multidisciplinary unit made up of doctors and biologists who carry out research aimed at identifying new prognostic and predictive markers of response to anti-neoplastic treatments. Furthermore, for several years, the laboratory has been studying the interaction between tumour and microenvironment in the context of bone metastases.

Clinical and reaserch collaboration

  • National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Lyon France
  • Osteoncology and Rare Tumours Centre, IRCCS Romagnolo Scientific Institute for the Study and Treatment of Tumours (IRST), Meldola (FC)
  • Department of Oncological and Gastroenterological Surgical Sciences, University of Padua, IOV-IRCCS, Padua
  • Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa
  • National Cancer Institute, IRCCS Foundation, Milan
  • European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), Brussels (Belgium)
  • Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration (SARC), Michigan (USA)


The Unit is engaged in the teaching and didactic training activities of the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. In particular, the teaching of oncology is provided to students of the various degree courses of the University:

  • Degree course in Medicine and Surgery
  • Degree course in Nursing Sciences
  • Degree Course in Medical Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy
  • Degree course in Food Science and Human Nutrition

Furthermore, weekly lectures and seminars are held for post-graduate students of the Medical Oncology School and for PhD students in Integrated Biomedical Sciences and Bioethics.