Interventional Radiology


The Interventional Radiology Unit, part of the Diagnostic Imaging Unit, is focused on minimally invasive diagnostic (including US and CT guided biopsies) and therapeutic procedures, vascular and extravascular in interventional oncology.

This unit collaborates with all the hospital Units and participates in the weekly Tumor Boards (lung, digestive system and urological system).

Most of the CT procedures are performed with the use of a ‘navigation system’ developed at UCBM Hospital and with which more than 1300 procedures have been performed in the lung field alone in the last decade.

The research carried out in this unit focuses mainly on the use of the navigation system in interventional radiology and on percutaneous ablative treatments of neoplasms. These are carried out by inserting very thin probes into the tumor (liver, lung, kidney, adrenal, bone,adrenal) with image guidance, through minute holes in the skin, instead of incisions, then applying heat or freeze which causes tumor necrosis resulting in immediate patient recovery in most of the cases. The clinical results for these procedures are certified by several publications in international journals of medicine.

Extra-vascular interventional radiology

  • RF and MW ablation of liver, lung (with navigation system), bone (with navigation system), kidney and adrenal tumors (with navigation system)
  • Cryoablations of tumors of the liver, lung, bone, kidney and adrenal gland (with navigation system)
  • Elettochemiotherapy (Reversible Electroporation) of tumor
  • Guided CT thermoablation of osteoid osteomas (with navigation system)
  • Thyroid ablation
  • Echo-guided biopsies of  parenchyma (liver, kidney, thyroid, lung, soft tissue)
  • Guided lung and bone CT biopsies with navigation system
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Radiofrequency neuromodulation for pain control
  • GU intervention  nephrostomy / urinary endoprosthesis
  • Biliary intervention (drainage and stents)
  • Embolization of primary / secondary liver tumors
  • Preoperative embolization of bone tumors
  • Embolization of uterine fibroids
  • Embolization of prostatic hypertrophy
  • Portal embolization
  • Percutaneous discectomy
  • Invasive musculoskeletal diagnostics MR-Arthrography, CT-Artrography

Interventional vascular radiology

  • Revascularization of the lower limbs  and limb salvage
  • Embolization / stenting of visceral aneurysms
  • Carotid stents
  • Temporary / permanent vena cava filters
  • Male and female varicocele scleroembolization
  • Scleroembolization of arteriovenous malformations

Outpatient activity

  • Interventional radiology visits preparatory to treatment
  • Consultations on previous CT / MRI / PET exams
  • Diagnostic radiology activity (CT, MRI, ultrasound with and without contrast, RX)