Clinical Nutrition


Clinical activity

The Clinical Nutrition Unit, part of the Gastroenterology Unit, caters to people who have nutritional problems related to age, physiological conditions, particular pathologies or dysfunctions.

The activity is based on the use of food as a tool for prevention and therapy. The specialists perform diagnostic examinations of nutritional status and plan the specific diet therapy treatment for each pathology.

For inpatients, in close collaboration with Dietetic Service dieticians, specialists carry out the Clinical Nutrition Service, which deals with nutritional management and diet therapy based on various pathologies through the management of diets, supplementation by way of oral and artificial nutrition (NA).

The medical and dietetic clinical activity is especially dedicated to

  • malnutrition of the cancer patient undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment
  • post-surgical nutritional problems
  • nutritional problems in menopausal women
  • metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, overweight or obesity
  • gastroenterological disorders
  • body composition study by bio-impedance analysis

The Unit provides appointments both under agreements with the National Health Service and on a private basis and operates in collaboration with OncologyRadiation OncologyGeneral SurgeryClinical Medicine and HepatologyNeurologyRehabilitation Units and with the speech pathologist and speech therapist of the Otorhinolaryngology Unit.