Open Senology outpatient clinic

The Senology outpatient clinic in Open formula is dedicated to the evaluation of women with clinical-instrumental symptoms suspected of breast cancer, where the family doctor or specialist has prescribed an evaluation within a short time. Without the need to make an appointment in advance, it is possible to have a breast examination, which is followed, if necessary, by appropriate diagnostic tests (ultrasound, mammography, aspirated needle) performed on the same day. The examination is under the Italian National Health Service (SSN).

This service of the Senology Unit offers the possibility of an early diagnosis, thus avoiding long waiting periods and uncertainty for the patient.

For an examination

The open clinic is open every Monday and Thursday accepts up to 10 patients.

For an examination, just go to the Admissions desk (Floor -1) from 8 to 10 with the referral from your attending physician, stating the words: “Visita senologica per neoformazione sospetta della mammella” with urgency U or B.