Breast Unit

A team of dedicated experts

The Breast Unit of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital represents an opportunity for the treatment of breast cancer and support during it. In 2016, it was chosen by the Lazio Region as one of the reference centres for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; the unit allows women to face the disease with the certainty of being cared for by a team of dedicated experts, treated according to the highest European standards, and supported throughout the disease.

Patients are referred to the Breast Unit by local screening centres, family doctors and specialists in radiology, gynaecology and oncology. It is also possible to access the centre through the outpatient services of the University Hospital (breast exams, diagnostic imaging, screening programmes for young women and high-risk patients).

In particular, an open outpatient clinic is active within the University Hospital, to which patients with a suspected diagnosis of breast cancer can refer without booking, just by showing their GP’s referral for a breast examination.

The Breast Unit is coordinated by prof. Vittorio Altomare, Director of Senology Unit, who works alongside a team of experts coming from different medical areas.

  • Case Manager: dr. Rossana Sandomingo
  • Senology: dr. Rita Carino, dr. Antonella Grasso, dr. Angelo Primavera, dr. Ilaria Simonelli
  • Medical Oncology: prof. Giuseppe Tonini, prof. Francesco Pantano, dr. Annalisa La Cesa
  • Imaging Diagnostics: dr. Matteo Sammarra
  • Radiation Oncology: dr. Edy Ippolito, dr. Sonia Silipigni
  • Anatomical Patology: prof. Carla Rabitti
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: dr. Barbara Cagli, dr. Annalisa Cogliandro
  • Clinical Psychology: dr. Livia Quintiliani
  • Hospital Social Service: dr. Silvia Cossa

Treatments in use

Adjuvant and non-adjuvant systemic treatments make use of biological and chemotherapeutic hormonal medications prescribed by the international guidelines. In addition, our Breast Unit is involved in the testing of new pharmacological agents that are active against breast cancer.

The Radiation Oncology Unit of the University Hospital offers both whole breast – WBRT and partial breast – PBI treatments. For complex targets, we use 3D conformational radiotherapy, with modulated intensity (IMRT) and volumetric intensity (VMAT). For the treatment of left breasts, it is possible to carry out radiotherapy treatment in voluntary forced inhalation (breath hold) in order not to damage cardiac structures; moreover, for macrosomic breasts, radiotherapy can be carried out in the prone position. Radiotherapy treatments are also available at the Oncological Radiotherapy Centre at via Emilio Longoni, 47.

The Breast Unit also offers the possibility to undergo the Prosigna molecular test to define the most appropriate response to systemic treatments.