Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery


Clinical activity

The Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Unit deals with the morphological and functional restoration of the various body districts, altered by malformative pathologies, surgical and post-traumatic resections. It specialises in surgical and non-surgical treatment of the cephalic (head-neck), thoracic and abdominal area, in post-oncology and post-malformation breast reconstruction, as well as in complex reconstructions of the upper and lower limbs. It treats ulcers of different origins with the use of growth factors and stem cells taken from adipose tissue.

The Operative Unit performs functional plastic surgery, in particular secondary and tertiary rhinoseptoplasty, abdominal wall plastics and reduction or remodelling of different body areas in cases of post-weight loss dermatocalase or due to obesity.

It uses laser technology (Smartxide 2 laser, Nd:Yag laser and pulsed light) for skin rejuvenation, skin spot removal, dermabrasion of scars and treatment of leg capillaries.

Procedures are offered on an outpatient, day-hospital and ordinary hospitalisation basis. In particular, it has the following general and specialist clinics:

Research fields

  • Tolerability of biomaterials applied in breast augmentation and reconstruction in order to reduce the postoperative complications
  • Side effects of materials used as fillers and development of targeted therapies (in collaboration with the Tissue Engineering Laboratory of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome)
  • Surface receptors and the pericapsular reaction of breast prosthetic contractures
  • Subclinical infections and their manifestations on the aesthetic appearance of prosthetic implants
  • Prevention and treatment of bedsores in neuro-impaired subjects
  • Laser technologies for tissue regeneration and scarring

Clinical and research collaboration

  • Alessandra Bisceglia Foundation W ALE Onlus
  • Department of Eating Disorders and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Sapienza University of Rome
  • San Gallicano Dermatological Institute, Rome
  • Dermopathic Institute of the Immaculate (I.D.I.), Rome
  • Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital – IRCCS, Rome
  • San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital, Rome