Oncological plastic surgery outpatient clinic

The Oncological plastic surgery outpatient clinic makes it possible to identify cases requiring removal and reconstructive surgery treatment for tumour pathology.

It specialises in the treatment of skin tumours (basocellular, spinocellular and melanoma epiteliomas) and subcutaneous tumours (dermatofibromas, lipomas, etc.) of all body areas. It also provides consultancy and is a reference for complex cancer cases arising from other areas and requiring articulated reconstructions using pedunculated and microsurgical flaps (oral cavity and ORL tumours, soft tissue sarcomas, tumours of the genital perineum region).

Depending on the severity of the disease, patients are directed towards a path of surgical excision and potential reconstruction, which is mainly provided in agreement with the Italian National Health Service, with priority indices based on the level of urgency established by the specialist. The procedures can be provided both on an outpatient basis, and also through day-hospital or ordinary hospitalisation. It is also possible to make use of insurance policies or private treatment.

Outpatient activity is coordinated by prof. Stefania Tenna and dr. Beniamino Brunetti, in collaboration with the dermatologist dr. Vincenzo Panasiti, and offers a rapid and complete diagnostic-therapeutic pathway.

For more complex cases, it also makes use of the competence of other disciplines such as oncology, radiotherapy, general surgery, guaranteeing the possibility of carrying out specialised investigations and adjuvant therapies, especially in the case of advanced, metastatic tumours and in the elderly population.