Post-bariatric plastic surgery outpatient clinic

The post-bariatric plastic surgery outpatient clinic is dedicated to the evaluation of patients with major weight loss after bariatric surgery (obesity surgery: sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric banding, etc.) or due to low calorie diets.

The severe weight loss gives rise to the appearance of significant excess skin (dermatocalase) associated with persistent fat deposits in multiple body areas; these morphological alterations are associated with functional limitations (for example, difficulty in walking due to rubbing of the inner surface of the thighs) or dermatological problems (continuous inflammation between the skin folds).  Post-bariatric plastic surgery aims to remodel the different anatomical regions, eliminating excess skin and fat.

On the occasion of the first appointment, the patient's clinical history is rebuilt and a careful deformity analysis is performed. Patients are selected on the basis of international criteria: BMI <30, body weight stability for at least 6-12 months, no significant comorbidities. Patients who meet these criteria can be placed on a waiting list. Post-bariatric patients normally show the need for more treatment measures, which are scheduled according to their prerequisites: firstly, measures are performed on the torso, followed by those on the limbs.

In the most severe cases, the following treatment measures can be performed under the SSN:

  • abdominoplasty
  • puboplasty treatment
  • fiancoplasty operations
  • torsoplastic surgery
  • gynecomastia correction
  • arm lifting
  • lifting of the inner surface of the thinghs

Treatment measures aimed at correcting minor deformities, with mainly aesthetic significance, can be carried out as a private patient.

In the outpatient clinic dedicated to dressings, patients undergoing post-bariatric surgery are followed up in the first post-operative month (for the removal of drains, stitches, etc.); then follow-up appointments at three, six and twelve months after the surgery; on these occasions, subsequent treatment measures are also planned, if necessary.

The clinic's activity is coordinated by dr. Pierfranco Simone.