Trichological outpatient clinic

A hair care service

A trichological outpatient clinic is active at the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital.  The service is aimed at people suffering from baldness, an aesthetic problem that mainly affects men over 50 years old.  However, baldness or alopecia can also affect women, or can develop as a result of therapies, such as oncological ones.

The clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach with dermatological examinations and surgical consultations. During the first appointment, people undergo a thorough examination of the skin and hair, carried out by the dermatologist. Based on this analysis, the doctor can prescribe drug therapy or ask for a consultation with the plastic surgeon who works with the clinic.  The surgeon can therefore recommend the implantation of a prosthesis (wig) or, when possible, hair transplantation.

The clinic’s activity is coordinated by prof. Paolo Persichetti, director of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Unit. The following collaborate with the service: dr. Vincenzo Panasiti, dermatologist, dr. Giovanni Marangi and dott. Pierluigi Gigliofiorito, plastic surgeons.