Dermatology outpatient clinic

For the screening of all skin pathologies

The Dermatology outpatient clinic, as part of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Unit, allows you to have a thorough screening of any skin pathology, starting from the first visit, thanks to the use – among other techniques – of manual dermoscopy, a non-invasive diagnostic procedure aimed at the early assessment of pigmentary lesions that pose a risk. It is specialised, in particular, in the screening of pigmented lesions.

Depending on the severity of the disease, patients are directed to instrumental checks or periodic clinical checks, or, in the case of lesions to be removed, to a surgical removal or treatment with the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser. The surgical lists guarantee timeliness, based on the urgency criterion established by the specialist.

The outpatient activity is coordinated by dr. Caterina Dianzani and carried out in collaboration with Dr. Vincenzo Panasiti, and offers a rapid and complete diagnostic-therapeutic pathway. For more complex cases, it makes use of the expertise of other disciplines such as rheumatology, allergology, haematology and oncology, guaranteeing the possibility of carrying out specialised in-depth studies especially in the case of complex clinical pictures, such as arthropathic psoriasis, connective tissue diseases, allergies complicated, lymphomas and melanomas.

The main diseases that the clinic deals with are: cutaneous neoplasms (prevention, diagnosis, treatment and subsequent controls); allergic dermatitis (with particular reference to atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and urticaria); cutaneous and mucosal infectious diseases (fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, such as warts and mycoses); sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhoea, contagious and condylomatous molluscs); skin lesions caused by systemic and autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, lupus, connective tissue diseases, bullous diseases, dermatomyositis and vitiligo); pathologies related to aesthetic dermatology (trichology, melasma, rosacea and acne) and skin aging (photoaging).