Oncology day-hospital


The oncology day-hospital, part of the Medical Oncology Unit, has two rooms with 28 treatment chairs and 2 beds for patients who receive a long-term therapy or require more complex assistance.

In this area complex pharmacological therapies are performed (chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological drugs) and supportive therapies (e.g. transfusions, hydration, antibiotics) for the prevention and management of toxicities related to all antineoplastic drugs.

The day hospital is able to guarantee the administration of about thirty treatments at the same time (about 1,000 every month). Patient access in day hospital always takes place after a visit with the specialist oncologist, explaining the treatment program, its aims and potential side effects. Accesses are programmed through reservation lists.

Since cancer therapies can last up to eight hours, patients in the facility have access to a small library.

Prof. Bruno Vincenzi, Director of the Oncology Day-hospital Unit, coordinates the service with the support of dr. Annalisa La Cesadr. Claudia Grilli and dr. Marco Russano.