Osteoncology Center

The UCBM Hospital Osteoncology Center treats cancer patients who have alterations in bone structure due to secondary tumors (bone metastases) or as a consequence of antineoplastic drug treatments (hormone therapy and chemotherapy).

A multidisciplinary approach allows the patient to have a facilitated diagnostic-therapeutic pathway. The Center serves both NHS and private patients, for first visits, check-ups and treatment monitoring.

The Center, recognized as a structure of excellence by the Italian Society of Osteoncology, belongs to the UCBM Medical Oncology Unit. The medical team is composed of: dr. Francesco Pantano, oncologist; dr. Cirino Amato, orthopedist;  prof. Silvia Sterzi and dr. Mirella Maselli, both physiatrists. The Center also collaborates with the Radiation Oncology Unit.