Posture and movement courses

For physical and mental well-being

The Rehabilitation Unit of the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital of Rome, as part of its care and prevention activities, offers educational courses on correct posture and correct movement according to the Feldenkrais method®.

Feldenkrais method ®

Designed by Moshe Feldenkrais, it is a method for learning and self-education through movement, aimed at improving the interaction between thought, self-image and environment.  Thanks to the Feldenkrais method®, the nervous system is stimulated and reorganised, leading to lasting physical and mental well-being.

During the lesson, the teacher proposes the experimentation of specific motor sequences to involve, through movement, awareness, thought, perception and imagination. Many sequences have as their theme the stages of the motor development of the child, while others place the emphasis on common activities of daily life or on more specific activities, based on the needs of the users. Other lessons are based on exploration of joints, muscles, postural relationships.

The most obvious benefits that can be obtained with the Feldenkrais Method® are directly reflected by the quality of life. This method is a valid support for those suffering from back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, or for all those people who have limitations in motor and perceptive abilities due to trauma or neurological disorders. Furthermore, being an activity that infuses a state of well-being, it is useful for reducing emotional and physical stress.


The course with Feldenkrais method® has an average duration of one year. Before registering, it is necessary to undergo a physical examination.

Opening hours

monday and thursday 12.00-13.00 13.00-14.00
tuesday and friday 12.00-13.00 13.00-14.00