Walker view

Assessing deambulation in real time

Walker View is a highly advanced treadmill which is able to evaluate deambulation in real time, as its belt is equipped with load cells. This technology allows for an assessment of support at each step during walking, correcting the dynamic parameters in real time thanks to its powerful software interface.

The 46-inch monitor positioned at the front of the Walker View system is a digital mirror, capable of giving the patient extremely useful feedback to control his or her position in a dynamic situation: an extremely sophisticated mirror capable of digitalizing the patient's image and rotate it in all planes for a complete three-dimensional view.

It is now scientifically proven that the control of our reflected image can help us improve our movement. The Walker View also offers the possibility to provide real-time feedback stimulating the control of both posture and symmetry of the lower extremity weight bearing in order to improve the recovery. These stimuli can be modified in relation to the perceptive capacities of the patient in terms of speed and/or combinations of movements (jumping over an obstacle, grabbing objects with the upper limbs, etc.).

With Walker View, patients gain great advantage thanks to the possibility to reconstruct one’s motor map with the help of the reflected image and thanks to the possibility to immerse oneself in virtual reality scenarios.

The Rehabilitation Unit uses the Walker View system to recover the ability to walk in patients who present gait issues after a visit with a physiatrist.