Shock waves

Therapy for bone and muscle-tendon pathologies

Available treatments

The Rehabilitation Unit is able to administer two types of shock wave treatment, depending on the type of lithotripter used:

  • the lithotripter with piezoelectric generator (with ultrasound pointing outline), indicated for both high energy treatments on the bone, and at lower energy, performed on ‘soft tissues’ and in particular on tendons
  • the lithotripter with radial (or ballistic) defocused shock wave generator, indicated for the treatment of tendons, muscles, ulcers and painful surgical scars. Equipped with a pneumatic generator of small dimensions and manually manoeuvrable, it allows you to ‘move' on even large anatomical regions, adapting to different body surfaces and possibly also treating all the painful points, including the so-called trigger points, or points of particular concentration of pain

To date, the following contraindications are recognised, divided into absolute and relative.

These are absolute contraindications:

  • the presence of delicate and sensitive structures, such as brain, spinal cord and gonads in the focal field
  • the presence of tumoral pathologies and thrombophlebitis at the application site
  • pregnancy
  • the presence of hollow organs

These are considered relative contraindications:

  • the presence of pacemakers or electrostimulators of different origins
  • the proximity of cartilages still growing;
  • diseases of or alterations in blood clotting:

For the relative contraindications, the doctor will evaluate for each individual patient the suitability or otherwise of the treatment, and possibly also the type of instrumentation to be used.