Rights and duties of the person

The person as subject and not object of care

The palliative care centre “Insieme nella cura” (Together in Care) places the person and his or her rights at the centre of its work, with the awareness that the organisation of its activities and the work of its staff are at the service of the citizen.
The aim is to offer care that is attentive to psychological, social and spiritual aspects, while respecting the person's wishes and principles:

  • Respect for the person – which takes the form of attention to life habits, rhythms and privacy, to allow more time for life.
  • Information for the individual – which, although it is a legal requirement, is defined by adapting communication to the possibilities of understanding on the part of the patient and their family, since this is the only way to achieve the therapeutic alliance that is crucial for making informed decisions about one's health and quality of life.
  • Care Relationship – which, from the patient’s viewpoint , includes them as an integral part of the care team and therefore as a subject and not an object of care. Together with the patient and their loved ones, we strive to create a hospitable environment in which interpersonal relationships are of absolute value.

The rights of users of health facilities are protected by the law governing the activities of the Italian National Health Service.

Right to respect for the person
The person has the right to be treated and cared for with care and attention, with full respect
for his or her dignity, values and religious beliefs.

Right to information
The person has the right to obtain from health professionals all information about the services they provide, how to access them, and to receive complete and comprehensible information about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of their illness.
They also have the right to be able to immediately identify their healthcare providers.

Informed consent
It is a way in which the person exercises the right to information and makes the medical act lawful on his or her person.

Right to confidentiality
The person has the right to have information on their state of health and any other personal information treated confidentially, which is the duty of all health and non-health personnel.
The processing of personal data will therefore be based on principles of integrity, lawfulness, legitimacy, indispensability, relevance and not beyond the required scope in relation to the purposes for which the data are collected.