PUCBM – Visit of Ambassador of Lebanon in Italy


As part of the Health and Diplomacy Program Directed by Prof. Massimo María Caneva, the visit of Ambassador Mira Daher, Ambassador of Lebanon to Italy, took place.

The Ambassador was welcomed by DG PUCBM Paolo Sormani, Dr. Michele Urbano with Dr. Sophia Diana and Dr. Alessandra Buraglia. Particular importance, in the context of the presentation of the specialist areas, was given to those of excellence of the PUCBM (orthopedics, oncology and cardiology). The Ambassador thanked for the warm welcome, emphasizing the importance that the PUCBM can make the value of its specialized areas of excellence much more known and the ways of accessing them not only to diplomats but also to all citizens in transit in Italy for reasons of tourism, work etc. “We urgently need to know what the PUCBM does in the specialist field and to provide us as Ambassadors with information to our citizens on the go” said the Ambassador at the end of her visit!