“Health and Diplomacy” PEACE 2022

The message of Prof. Massimo María Caneva, MD, PhD and Head of Health and Diplomacy Program


We must increasingly feel the urgent need to contribute personally with one's life to the promotion of peace and that this is still possible today, even when a dramatic crisis seems to obscure the ways of hope in Europe, even when there seems to be no more light in the crisis that lights up for diplomatic solutions and dialogue! We must strive more and more to promote the culture of Solidarity and Peace especially in the new generations, aiming for a serious commitment also through the improvement of “Global Health”!

We reiterated this at the Presentation of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation of Rome to the WHO Ambassadors and Experts at the United Nations in Geneva on June 24, 2022!

Peace is the Science and Art of Solidarity that begins where man and woman live together in a family, in a society and a people, in everyday work and in international dynamics! Where justice is lived not in claiming but in understanding and knowing how to serve others in politics, first of all for a common good to be achieved together.

The images of this short video, tell the work in recent years, carried out by the Health and Diplomacy Program of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation, a contribution to Peace through a specialized health care service aimed not only at the diplomatic world present in Rome , but also at a national and international level for those personnel who strive with their work to promote dialogue and the development of the international community.

Three words can be combined together in this FPUCBM Project: Health / Diplomacy / Peace!