Health and Diplomacy, acting scientifically at the international level

Visit by a Delegation of 4 MAECI General Directors


“Health and Diplomacy means worrying, acting scientifically in the relations between Diplomacy and Health at the international level. Our Diplomacy in Italy and in Europe can also make use of the University and the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is a reality that can make a qualitative leap for this Global Health “(Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva – MD PhD Coordinator of the Health and Diplomacy Program at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital).

To reiterate the importance of the Health and Diplomacy Program, one year after the signing of the Convention (9 October 2019) between the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Delegation of MAECI General Directors visited the Polyclinic: Amb. Renato Varriale – General Director of Human Resources and Innovation, Amb. Giorgio Marrapodi – General Director of Development Cooperation, Min. Plen. Vincenzo Celeste – General Director of Europe, Dr. Nicastro Cascardi – General Director of Administration and Informatics. The purpose of the visit was in particular to deepen mutual knowledge and strengthen institutional collaboration. “It is a moment strongly desired by the two institutions, the Campus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to examine the potential of the Italian system, what we can offer on a global scale in the field of health and of course the services that can be used both the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and both the Diplomatic Missions (Amb. Elisabetta Belloni – Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

To welcome the DG MAECI Delegation were present the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital General Director Ing. Paolo Sormani with the Deputy General Director Dr. Marta Risari, Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva Head of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Health and Diplomacy Program at Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital.

After a brief visit to the Polyclinic, a brief in-depth meeting was held at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital General Management Meeting Room, also with the participation of Prof. Vincenzo Denaro and Prof. Gian Paolo Ussia, respectively for the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Specialized Excellence Areas in Traumatology and Cardiology. During the works, two videos were screened (*) and analyzed not only the potential of the Specialist Assistance Services provided by the Polyclinic to the MAECI (there have already been over 200 health services provided by the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital under the Convention) but above all new collaborations were opened in perspective between the two Institutions to promote Global Health in the Nutrition sector in view of the Conference of United Nations 2021 on Food issues and to develop Health Care Services of Excellence in favor of European Union countries that are in need of urgent support to address particular Public Health issues. “In the context of the strategic development of our Polyclinic, internationalization certainly covers an important aspect. We believe that Italy and our Polyclinic can be an attraction for international patients. Health and Diplomacy is an opening to the foreign world and a hope that our Polyclinic can serve patients from other countries “(Ing. Paolo Sormani – General Director Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital).

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