Presented by PUCBM at the Palais des Nationes on 24 June 2022.


Presented by PUCBM at the Palais des Nationes on 24 June 2022. A Delegation of PUCBM composed by Ing. Paolo Sormani DG PUCBM, by Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva Head of Health and Diplomacy Program, by Prof. Nicola Petrosillo Director of Infectious Disease PUCBM and by Prof. Gian Paolo Ussia PUCBM Cardiological Hemodynamics Director was welcomed by the Italian Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Gian Lorenzo Cornado.
As part of the Health and Diplomacy Program, a presentation was organized that could give a complete picture of the activities of the PUCBM and its strategies and priorities, as well as some in-depth studies of areas of assistance of particular importance for PUCBM including infectious disease and cardiology.
The presentation was characterized by a strong focus on the recent challenges of pandemics and the need to encourage new cardiological technologies in the social care of patients also at an international level.
Everything is always in a framework of attention to global health taking into account international crises.

Ambassadors to the United Nations, Ambassadors and WHO Officials and Experts, other International Agencies participated.

DG Sormani illustrated the PUCBM and what are the current challenges in the international field of the assistance carried out by the University Hospitals.
In this regard, Prof. Petrosillo highlighted how important the preventive action of new pandemics is and Prof. Ussia elaborated on the importance of the development of new technological frontiers in hemidynamic cardiology.
Prof. Caneva underlined the importance of the PUCBM Health and Diplomacy Program which sees three important objectives and key words in its activities: Health / Diplomacy / Peace.
There are many questions and requests to be able to develop future collaborations with the PUCBM especially in the field of healthcare management of hospitals for global health and both to tackle the new international crises together.