Ambassador of Lebanon in Italy visited Porta Pinciana

PUCBM Center of Porta Pinciana is located a few minutes from the Embassy


After having visited in September Campus Bio-Medico Hospital Foundation, the Ambassador of Lebanon in Italy wanted to contact the PUCBM Outpatient clinic of Porta Pinciana which is located a few minutes from the Embassy. To welcome the Ambassador the Director of the PUCBM Health and Diplomacy Program Prof. Massimo María Caneva and the Directors of the Porta Pinciana Health Center eng. Gianluca Basso and dr. Elena Pasqualotto.
The Ambassador and the new Consul General visited the outpatient clinic and appreciated the modernity of the equipment and the ambulatory environments for the specialized assistance of patients.
The Director of Medical Oncology Unit, prof. Giuseppe Tonini, connected from the University Hospital. He greeted the Ambassador and opened future scenarios of cooperation with Hospitals in Lebanon: a very appreciated message and to which the Ambassador will give positive follow-up by informing the Lebanese Minister of Health.

In recent years we have received many visits from Ambassadors and Presidents of International Institutions / Officials both to PUCBM and to Porta Pinciana. We collected some significant ones. It is important to see how close all diplomats are to the PUCBM mission and feel the responsibility to share its objectives: attention to the person and promotion of global health.