Ambassador Mattiolo visited Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital


On Tuesday 11th of January 2022, Ambassador Luigi Mattiolo, Diplomatic Advisor to the Italian Prime Minister Draghi, visited Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital PUCBM. He was welcomed by the President of the Campus Bio-Medico Hospital Foundation, Dr. Carlo Tosti, and by the Director General of PUCBM, Ing. Paolo Sormani, with the Head of the Health and Diplomacy Program, Professor Massimo María Caneva.
“We are honoured Excellency to have you here with us today and we can consider your visit the first official one promoted by the new Campus Bio-Medico Hospital Foundation”:  these are the words of welcome addressed by the new President of the Foundation and followed by the thanks of the Director General PUCBM.
The visit represents a particularly important moment for the Health and Diplomacy Program which now involves the Ambassadors of the entire Diplomatic Corps in Rome, one of the most numerous in the world. All this thanks also to the three important conventions signed by the PUCBM with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, and FAO.

Ambassador Mattiolo, who recently faced G20 in Rome with great success, expressed great appreciation for the work promoted by Hospital Foundation not only for the high value of professionalism in the promotion of specialist assistance through scientific research and advanced technologies, but also for attention to the patient as a person.  The Ambassador underlined several times how important this combination of ‘Health and Diplomacy' is, in order to obtain important results at national and international level for true Global Health. In this context, the Health and Diplomacy Program – he underlined – will be able to develop more important collaborative contacts with the Diplomatic Network of Scientific Attachés of the Italian Embassies to promote scientific research in areas of specialist priority.
The promotion of the new Porta Pinciana Center, illustrated by the Head of the Private Area, Dr. Michele Urbano, is also part of the presentation by the Ambassador. The center is a multi-specialist clinic located in the centre of Rome and recently inaugurated in the launch of its clinical activities.