Lupus Clinic

Thanks to the contribution of the Italian Group for the Fight Against Systemic Lupus Eritematous-ONLUS, it is active at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital the Lupus Clinic.

The dedicated clinic, established in 2011, offers a constant service for the diagnosis, management and therapy of SLE and takes care of the patient throughout the course of the disease. It makes use of instrumental examinations such as joint ultrasonography and periungual capillaroscopy.

Thanks to the support of the laboratory for the study of immunomediated pathologies, managed by the same Immunorheumatology Unit, the blood test can be taken on the day the outpatient visits are performed.

For the possible administration of intravenous drugs, the Lupus Clinic uses the day-hospital service of the same UOC. The Unit is recognized by the Lazio Region as an accredited center for the prescription / dispensing of biological drugs for LUPUS.

A patient with SLE is guaranteed a complete clinical evaluation, thanks to integrated clinics, such as the neuroimmunology and gastroreumatology clinic.

The clinic is part of the Immunorheumatology Unit directed by prof. Antonella Afeltra. The clinical activity is managed by Domenico Margiotta MD, by Marta Vadacca MD and by Alessia Vernuccio MD.