Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis

Within the Clinical Medicine and Hepatology Unit, we monitor patients affected by acute and chronic viral hepatitis, in particular hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

The University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital has been accredited among the regional centres authorised to prescribe new direct-acting antivirals (DAA) for the treatment of hepatitis C. For this reason, patients suffering from this pathology are evaluated for access to the latest generation of therapies. These are interferon-free treatments that offer very high chances of a cure, intended for the eradication of a hepatitis C virus infection with a limited and easily manageable number of side effects.

Patients with hepatitis B are initially evaluated for the differential diagnosis between  inactive chronic carrier of B virus infection and  chronic active hepatitis B. In the case of the diagnosis of chronic active hepatitis B, the patient is directed to the most appropriate treatments: in a limited number of cases and for specific objectives these are based on interferon, while more frequently they resort to the use of highly effective and high genetic barrier antivirals.