Clinical Psychology

An outpatient and in-patient service

The Clinical Psychology Service of the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital deals with the psychological aspects related to the health and well-being of the individual, carrying out admission activities, guidance and psychotherapeutic treatment, both for external users and for patients of the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital, working in close collaboration with the individual specialist areas.

The service is aimed at young people and adults who experience a situation of distress or individual and/or relational mental suffering due to prolonged stress situations, emotional / relational problems in general and when linked to the development of a disease. The goal is to contain suffering and discomfort, strengthen personal resources and develop a process of subjective knowledge that allows an improvement in the quality of life.

The treatment is ensured through an initial evaluation by means of the receipt and analysis of the question posed by the subject.

The clinical activities are realised through the definition of diagnostic and psychological care protocols integrated with the specialised therapeutic programmes articulated on two levels:

Outpatient psychological support

  • Psycho-clinical assessment
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Psycho-diagnostic assessments
  • Neuro-psychological assessments

In-patient psychological support

  • Psychological-clinical assessment
  • Psychological-diagnostic assessment
  • Neuropsychological assessment

For hospitalised patients, psychological support is provided at the specific request of the patient or specialist area that is treating him, and aims to support and listen to the patient on an emotional level to encourage the reaction to the disorder, promote the assumption of individual responsibility in the care process and in the relationship with the care team.

Appointments and bookings

Specialist appointments are available on a private/intramoenia basis and with Tariffa Amica.

For the psychological clinic, appointments can be booked either by phone or in person, by e-mail to or by leaving a message on the answering machine at +39 06 22541 8044.

Appointments for the Psychological Test Clinic (neuropsychological tests) can be booked through the Single Booking Centre (CUP) or directly at the Admissions desk (see timetable).