VoiNoi Counselling Center

For families and caregivers

The VoiNoi Center of the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital is a social initiative with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of families and individuals.

It is aimed at all patients family members and caregivers, who find themselves in situations of prolonged stress or emotional distress resulting from the continued need to care for their loved ones.

The VoiNoi Center, part of the Clinical Psychology Service, is designed to be an area that aims to welcome and give advice to patients and families, to help them find answers to unexpressed needs through moments of sharing and reflection, training sessions, and concrete operative situations.

The VoiNoi Center offers a free welcome and psycho-social orientation service with the aim to:

  • contain the emotional condition generated by the care load and avoid discomfort by contrasting isolation through sharing
  • offer help to live through unstable situations with smaller distress
  • encourage a better compliance in the clinical and support path of the person assisted
  • to encourage interaction between families and the social and healthcare structures of the local area

The Center pursues its purpose through the following activities:

  • welcome/orientation desk offering one-to-one and/or family meetings
  • discussion groups with the aim of building and sharing support between people
  • training
  • scientific research activity