PUCBM – Presentation to the Ambassadors

Porta Pinciana. October 2022. PUCBM Presentation to the Ambassadors


With the greeting of the Ambassador Daniela Rotondaro / Dean of the Diplomatic Corps at the FAO Agencies of the United Nations in Rome, the presentation event of the PUCBM Center of Porta Pinciana to the Roman diplomats was opened.

An information activity promoted by the PUCBM Health and Diplomacy Program Directed by Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva. To welcome and to illustrate the social activities of the PUCBM Porta Pinciana was the General Director Paolo Sormani who then spoke with the Diplomats to answer questions for information. Of particular importance was the presentation of the PUCBM specialist assistance areas of excellence such as Orthopedics with Prof. Vincenzo Denaro – Scientific Director of the PUCBM Foundation, Cardiology with Prof. Francesco Grigioni Director of the Department Director and Oncoligia Diretta by Prof. Giuseppe Tonini.

During the meeting, Ambassador Lorenzo Tomassoni connected from Moldova who, from that crisis area due to the nearby conflict in Ukraine, made an important contribution to the presentation work of the Center with a personal testimony thanking for the assistance given to a his family member admitted to PUCBM. Another significant event was the visit to the Center by the hosts, including the President of the Chess Club with whom Health and Diplomacy promoted the sign of a Convention. Very important was also the message of Ambassador Giorgio Poulides Dean of the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See which he brought through his representative. Amb. Poulides promoted also a specific Convention with the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy Sed with PUCBM.