Presentation to the Italian Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva


The PUCBM Health and Diplomacy Program organized a Video Meeting to present the PUCBM to Amb. Gian Lorenzo Cornado who connected on video on Thursday 28 October 2021. Representing the DG PUCBM Ing. Paolo Sormani, was the Health Director Prof. Lorenzo Sommella with Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva Head of the Health and Diplomacy PUCBM Program.Two videos were shown on the PUCBM and the testimonies of Ambassadors to the Quirinale, the Holy See and FAO United Nations.Prof. Sommella's illustration of PUCBM specialist assistance activities has been very detailed.Before a subsequent Round Table lacking the socio-sanitary impact of the pandemic coordinated by the interventions of Prof. Nicola Petrosillo Director of PUCBM Infectivology and Prof. Massimo Ciccozzi, UCBM Ordinary of Epidemiology, Ambassador Cornado from Geneva took the floor, greeting and complimenting the work carried out by the PUCBM. He also proposed to organize in June 2022 a Presentation of the PUCBM at the United Nations Building in Geneva “we must not keep these information on the Bio-Medico Campus but disseminate it  among the Ambassadors of the various Representations to the United Nations in Geneva and to the Swiss Authorities with whom I have already spoken about the PUCBM”.