Circolo degli Esteri – Ambassadors Conference – Health, Diplomacy and Peace

8th June 2023


On 8 June 2023, a presentation session on the theme “Health, Diplomacy and Peace” was held in the splendid setting of the Circolo degli Esteri in Rome for the Ambassadors of the Diplomatic Corps to the Quirinale, the Holy See and the United Nations Agencies in Rome.

The initiative promoted by the HEALTH AND DIPLOMACY of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation in collaboration with the Circolo degli Esteri had a wide and deeply felt participation! In fact, over 40 Embassies with many Diplomats, including 29 Ambassadors (among which Angola, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Marocco, Messico, Mozambique, Czech Republic, Haiti, Senegal, Chile, Georgia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Slovenia, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Venezuela). All diplomats actively attended this session with great interest.

The Director of the Circolo degli Esteri, Dr. Giovanni Lapi, opened the meeting and welcomed the guests, addressing himself with words of great esteem and affection towards the organization of these events. Then Prof. Massimo María Caneva, who was in charge of the FPUCBM HEALTH AND DIPLOMACY Program, greeted and had a delegation of young students from the Campus Bio-Medico University's Degree Course in Medicine greeted with a big round of applause as “young ambassadors of peace”.

The climate was very interesting and participatory: among the speakers, in addition to Amb. Daniela Rotondato Dean of the Diplomatic Corps at the FAO of the United Nations, was also present the Director General of Human Resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amb. Renato Varriale. Read the message of the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See Amb. Giorgio Poulides who was unable to participate due to an unexpected health event. Then to follow illustrious guests such as the Director of the European Parliament in Italy Dr. Carlo Corazza and the Director General of Confindustria Dr. Francesca Mariotti as well as representatives of the teaching staff of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation, Prof. Gian Paolo Ussia and Prof. Massimo Ciccozzi. With them the Amb. Mira Daher of Lebanon at the Quirinale and the Head of rescue coordination of the Italian Civil Protection Ing. Davide Fabi with insights on the issues of the Middle East crisis and rescue activities and for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria as well as the recent management and resolution of the crisis pandemic and COVID-19.

These are the new perspectives that open up after this meeting which was not only a presentation of the activities of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation through Prof. Gian Paolo Ussia, but also a desire to place various actors around the Diplomatic Corps in order to be able to face and analyze together and give answers to the most current emergencies!
A great enthusiasm was palpable which was also transmitted to the students who for the first time were invited to a HEALTH AND DIPLOMACY FPUCBM activity (according to their comment it was of extreme interest for them and for their study activities of medical degree in english).
Certainly an experience to be repeated soon which also opens up a different scenario in such a moment of international contrasts of divisions of conflict dramas from the Middle East to Eastern Europe and so from Africa and Asia.

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation wishes to launch this message and this challenge that through the promotion of global health, through a scientific university diplomatic activity of solidarity, the fundamental concept is affirmed, which even Pope Francis often refers to in all realities and in various his travels: “Peace is science and art of solidarity” and in particular of the culture of solidarity which moves in this context through the promotion of activities, meetings and visits assistance to which everything is owed in order to be able to promote the person and support his dignity!

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