Otoneurosurgery and Skull Base Surgery

Services for the treatment of disorders of the inner ear

Otoneurosurgery treats pathologies that affect the inner ear and the nerves that pass through or near the ear (facial, acoustic, vestibular, lower cranial, hypoglossal, vagus, spinal nerves). It includes acoustic neuroma surgery, posterior fossa surgery and surgery of the lateral region of the skull base.

Otoneurosurgery services provides preventive, diagnostic and medical and surgical treatment of pathologies in the field of otolaryngology that require surgery, employing the most modern surgical techniques, including intraoperative methods of neuromonitoring, neuronavigation, diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery.

The main pathologies treated are:

  • ENT neoplasms with possible intracranial extension
  • regeneration of the facial nerve following facial paralysis
  • glomus, tympanic, jugular, carotid eardrum and cerebellar pontoon ear tumors
  • ear cholesteatomas with possible intracranial extension
  • severing of the vestibular nerve for untreatable Meniere's syndrome
  • neurovascular decompression
  • meningiomas with intracranial involvement
  • adenomas of the pituitary gland to be operated on with an otolaryngological approach via the nose
  • neuromas (Schwannomas) of the acoustic-vestibular nerve

A therapeutic path is prescribed following an initial diagnostic otolaryngological visit.  An integrated assessment by an ENT specialist and a neurosurgeon at the follow-up visit determine whether surgery is indicated.

Surgery using minimally invasive techniques, allowing for great precision is performed by ENT specialist and a neurosurgeon, with the possible collaboration of a vascular surgeon, neuroradiologist and neurologist.

The Otoneurosurgery and Skull Base Surgery structure is directed by Prof. Fabrizio Salvinelli. Maurizio Iacoangeli, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Ancona collaborates with this structure.