Home-based Polysomnography

At the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital it is possible to book the private polysomnography service at home. Thus, people supposed to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea syndromes (OSAS) can undergo the assessment test directly at home. A convenience that has the added advantage of avoiding the costs of a night in hospital.

Polysomnography assesses the presence and severity of apneas through the analysis of various parameters (chest movements, air flow through the nose and mouth, noise caused by snoring). The service is provided by the Internal Medicine and coordinated by prof. Simone Scarlata.

To undergo the exam, patients must go to the Campus Bio-Medico Polyclinic in the afternoon for the mounting of the device and return there the next morning for redelivery. The polysomnograph first checks the readings when you are awake and starts recording at a predefined time, which will be set together with the doctor, based approximately on when the patient will go to sleep.