Emergency Medicine

Complex Operative Unit

Clinical activity

The Complex Operative Unit of Emergency Medicine (EM) is part of the Emergency and Admission Department (DEA) of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital. The UOC receives the patient coming from the Emergency Room (ER), in an ideal continuum that starts from the ER and continues in the EM, assisting them in the acute phase and following them throughout the entire diagnostic and therapeutic process, until the return home or transfer to other Operating Units of the University Hospital or other health facilities, where necessary.

The Emergency Medicine Unit has open-space sub-intensive care beds and ordinary beds, also with multi-parametric and continuous electrocardiographic monitoring. It manages patients admitted to the Emergency Room for various syndromes and acute pathologies, who require immediate hospitalisation, clinical stabilisation during the emergency-urgency period, rapid and effective diagnostic investigation and adequate therapeutic management, thanks also to the use of technologically advanced, state-of-the-art devices with which the Hospital is equipped.

Areas of particular interest are acute respiratory failure, non-invasive mechanical ventilation, sepsis and heart failure. The approach adopted towards patients is of a multidisciplinary nature, with the collaboration of all specialists and operators of the University Hospital, in order to guarantee the best possible care for in-patients. Particular attention is also paid upon discharge, when providing all the clarifications concerning hospitalisation and the details required to proceed with ongoing treatment at dedicated specialist outpatient clinics, ensuring a possible further care pathway that goes beyond the main reason for an emergency-urgency admission carried out at the UOC of Emergency Medicine.

The holistic view of the patient is characteristic of Emergency Medicine, with the aim of managing not only acute medical problems but also any social problems, by working closely with the Hospital Social Service of the University Hospital and the local community. The cornerstones of Emergency Medicine are intended as: reception, attention to the patient from a clinical and human point of view, professionalism and innovation.

Areas of Research

  • Non-invasive mechanical ventilation and acute respiratory failure
  • Acute heart failure
  • Management of sepsis and multi-organ damage in the critical patient
  • Management of fluid therapy and antibiotic therapy
  • Point-of-care ultrasound
  • Use of ultrasound in the placement of central venous accesses