Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Management


Clinical activity

The Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Management Unit assists the patient during his entire therapeutic process: before, during and in the phases following the surgery, according to the canons of the modern “perioperative medicine”.

The Unit offers world-class patient care, the finest education for medical students and residents, innovative research laboratories and an accomplished faculty. Each year, we provide coverage for more than 13,000 procedures in 11 operating rooms and 3 additional anesthetizing locations on the main hospital campus.

Preoperative outpatient activity helps reduce perioperative morbidity and mortality risks. Both outpatients and inpatients receive assistance and anal go-sedation to undergo endoscopy procedures (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, echo-endoscopy, CPRE), cardiology (ECO trans-oesophageal) and interventional radiology.

The Unit offers comprehensive training in perioperative patient care, pain management and critical care medicine. Our program aims to train expert clinicians, future leaders in the field of anesthesia, and clinician-scientists who will expand our knowledge of the specialty through basic science and translational discoveries that ultimately improve our ability to provide superior care for our patients.

The Unit offers, in addition to the most modern pharmacological therapies, an acupuncture treatment.

The Acute Pain Service (APS), active 24/24 hours, treats the chronic pain of hospitalised patients. Patients with pain in the lumbar-sacral tract and large joints are treated on a day-hospital basis.

Particular care is devoted to the treatment of post-operative pain which aims to avoid, as far as possible, any unpleasant consequences of surgical practices for the patient.

Residency training here incorporates the three domains of modern learning theory: cognitive (knowledge & intellectual abilities), affective (attitudes and values), and psychomotor (motor skills). Each resident is ensured that upon graduation he is ready to practice independently.

We have been at the forefront of outstanding patient care as a leading center of anesthesia training. Residents in our department benefit from a broad breadth of faculty experience in clinical care, education, quality management and in clinical research.

The department’s research activities are driven by an outstanding faculty of independent thinkers and cover a wide range of activities, including cutting-edge investigation in neurosciences, biomedical engineering, patient simulation.

Our approach to the pain treatment is multidisciplinary, the focus is to ease the suffering that results from illness and improve quality of life for those with chronic and life threatening medical conditions.

Research fields

  • Management of difficult airways
  • Extraglottic devices and rapid oxygenation in sequence
  • Associated techniques to allow oxygenation and ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation in anaesthesia and intensive care
  • Management of fluid therapy in anaesthesia and intensive care
  • Eco-guided positioning of intravascular devices
  • Management of sepsis and multi-organ damage in critically ill patients
  • Pain management in patients with low back pain
  • Management and quality of end-of-life care
  • Anthropology and pain
  • Strategies for health management

In order to improve our knowledge and clinical skills the aim of our Department is the integration of research, teaching and clinical practice.

Clinical and research collaboration

  • Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas, Houston (Usa)
  • Biorobotics Lab, Harvard Medical School, Boston (Usa)
  • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Losanna (Switzerland)
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio (Usa)
  • Hospital Bnai Zion, Medical School, Haifa (Israel)
  • Intensive Care Department, Universität Wien, Vienna (Austria)
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York (Usa)
  • Northwestern University, Chicago (Usa)
  • Toronto General Hospital, Ontario (Canada)
  • Universität Mainz, Magonza (Germany)