Department of Patient Care Management

In accordance with the mission of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome to place the individual at the center of its activities, the Patient Care Management Office deals directly with patients in the pre and post treatment phases of the care we provide them. It is also responsible for the commercial development of offers and markets.

The way in which services are delivered is an expression of the values and organizational culture of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and for this reason the style of our relationship with the people we serve is defined by attention to the individual.

Our department is responsible for patient management and the optimizing of customer experience; supervision and development of private medical activities; relations with insurance companies, businesses and institutions; agreements with external structures, including those in other regions, for the expansion of the hospital's catchment area; management of the hospital's external relations and collaboration with the Communications Office for an effective dissemination of the hospital's care offer.

Structure of the Department:

  • Customer Care Area:
    manages the Front Office and Customer Care Office, coordinating channels of communication (contacts and relationships), and managing patient flows within the hospital. This area is the main communication interface between patients and the hospital structures and carries out its activities in coordination with the Department of Medical Affairs.
  • Private Customer Area:
    manages and develops our private medicine sector. This area manages agreements and relationships with insurance companies.
  • Operational Marketing Area and companies services:
    deals with operational and product communications, promotional campaigns, screening and information days, the development of health services for businesses. This area manages and develops the My-Hospital loyalty program.
  • PR Officer:
    manages relations with stakeholders and the organization of institutional visits of the hospital.
  • Pricing Analyst