Department of Medical Affairs

The Medical Director manages health care and health care safety in the hospital, in accordance with the general planning guidelines and provisions of the Board of Directors, of which the Medical Director is a member. The Director contributes to management-related decisions by participating in the processes of strategic and annual planning, providing opinions and proposals to the General Manager on actions related to health care matters.

The Medical Director manages the “production output” of the hospital, which involves the provision of services, and the diverse care regimes offered (ordinary admission, day admission, outpatient clinics).

The Department of Medical Affairs is divided into four areas:

  • Operations
    handles the planning and management of services in the main facilities within the hospital (operating rooms, inpatients wards, outpatient clinics); carries out process and outcome evaluations of the health care services
  • Hospital hygiene and epidemiology
    handles the hygienic aspects of the hospital and the control of care-related infections; participates in the processes of institutional accreditation
  • Technological innovation and Health Technology Assessment
    handles the methods of identification, evaluation, acquisition and introduction of biomedical equipment and health care devices
  • Information flows and quality of medical documentation
    handles the production and transmission of information flows regarding medical services and the maintenance of medical documentation; participates in the verification processes for the appropriateness of services

With regard to the quality and safety of care and the JCI international accreditation, the Department of Medical Affairs works together with the Department of Clinical Affairs.

In addition to the above-mentioned core functions, the Department of Medical Affairs also oversees, in collaboration with the Customer Care Office, various other activities including the management of critical situations that may arise in the hospital and that require authorization or decisional intervention, including situations deriving from hospital staff interaction with patients.