Campus Bio-Medico Emergency Room

People arriving at the Emergency Room are immediately assessed by the nursing staff. Each patient is then assigned a degree of urgency and priority for intervention represented by a colour and number code.

1 – CODE RED EMERGENCY: life-threatening patient; immediate admission

2 – CODE ORANGE URGENCY: patient with severe pathologies at risk of evolution; rapid admission

3 – CODE LIGHT BLUE DEFERRABLE URGENCY: patient with stable condition but with a risk of evolution

4 – CODE GREEN MINOR URGENCY: patient with minor pathologies; medical attention guaranteed as soon as possible, admitted after patients with major emergency codes

5 – CODE WHITE NON-URGENCY: patient with pathology manageable on an outpatient basis, admission after everyone else, variable waiting times proportionate to the influx to the Emergency Room and to the resolution times of all the most urgent cases. There is a €25 ticket fee, except for trauma, children up to 6 years of age and exempted patients.

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