Vestibular medicine outpatients clinic

For the treatment of pathologies affecting balance

Our vestibular medicine outpatients clinic identifies and treats vestibular diseases and pathologies affecting balance.

The service allows patients to benefit from a personalized vestibular rehabilitation path, with the aim to accelerate the recovery of the central nervous system and to restore the lost balance.

The treatment consists of a weekly session and starts with a first specialist examination, in which the clinical picture of the patient is analyzed with the help of objective examinations such as:

  • Assessment of spontaneous, positional and evoked nystagmus through direct observation using Frenzel glasses  (using Dix-Hallpike and Semont diagnostic maneuvers)
  • Nystagmus caused by acceleration (head shaking test, Halmagy, video-HIT)
  • Evaluation of nystagmus caused by bithermal caloric stimulation
  • Study of eye movements (Pursuit, Saccadici, spontaneous  and induced positional nystagmus)
  • Evaluation of the spinal vestibular function using the walking and indication Romberg test
  • Assessment of postural abilities with static stabilometry
  • Study of the otolithic function using Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMPSs)  and the Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV) testing.

Based on the findings of the first visit, rehabilitation sessions using the following techniques may be recommended:

  • techniques aimed at re-learning oculomotor control
  • specific re-educational techniques for static and dynamic postural control

At the end of the treatment cycle, the patient will undergo a new vestibular examination.

The clinic is part of the Otorhinolaryngology, diretta dal prof. Fabrizio Salvinelli.